Case #1 or Case #2?

Well since Crystal has been really wanting me to type on this thing I figure I will for this. So there you go honey. I typed something. Fin.

Ok I'm just kidding. That's not all I'll write. Today I found out that I am able to cross train into ultrasound or nuclear medicine. I had to send a request to retrain into either of those and I was told that "Yes" I can. So now's the tough part. Deciding! I have to choose one. Now nucs makes a little more money than ultrasound. It's a little more step by step also than ultrasound which a few people have told me gets boring. There's nothing new to do. Once you get the routine then that's it. Now ultrasound can be like that but it's like x-ray which you can practically image anything. Granted it'll be stale after awhile but it'll be more interesting I think than nucs. Sounds like I've decided huh? Not really. Going to nuclear medicine is a great opportunity as is ultrasound. Both will be great jobs in the civilian sector so I just have to sit down and figure out what I want. One of the more down sides to nucs is the schooling is so long. It'd be 5 months away from Crystal and the baby (possibly missing its birth). Then it'll be 9 months somewhere else but at least then she and the baby can come. It's almost like deploying! Ultrasound is only a few months in the northern part of Texas back at Sheppard and then probably the other 4 months or so will be back here. Anyway...

I'll figure it out. :)


Crystal and Dustun said...

my vote- ultrasound = no radiation!

kathy said...