What do you do?

So I have a question for you all, when you go to church do you go to all 3 hours or just pick and choose?
I grew up with you go to sacrament, then leave for Sunday school, (you get a diet coke and "gourmet" peanuts from the gas station and then drive around), then you go back for relief society and priesthood.
Well ever since Dustun and I have been married, we do the same thing, only we go to sonic get some food and drinks. It is hard for me to go to Sunday school I find it incredibility boring. So what do we do, stay and be board trying to understand what in the world the teacher is talking about, or continue our sonic runs? Why does Sunday school have to be so boring and hard to understand? I am excited because today I found out there will be a marriage/family class in place of Sunday school, so I guess you can choose which class you want to go to, the only problem is it is only 7 Sundays long, then what do we do?
Well anyways here we are before church to day, man we are good looking! Also look at bandit he also poses for the camera!


Kami said...

Neil and I honestly only worry about going to Sacrament meeting, if we have to choose. That is the most important. I hate Sunday School too.

Karen & Matt said...

Looking good! I was raised to go to all 3 meetings. I know it's hard, and I have a hard time concentrating, and understanding as well. I have a calling now where I need to be there through all of church. You will like the marriage class, Matt and I went to that one last year. We learned a lot!!! I wish I could give you some good ideas. =)