Yesterday Dustun and I went to a little German town called Fredericksburg, it was so much fun. We ate at Auslander Biergarten and Restaurant, we ate authentic German food, I had Bratwurst which is a traditional white sausage made of smoked veal and pork, my sides I got garden fresh salad, potato pancakes and spätzle, and huge delicious roll.

Dustun got Kassler Rippchen which is partially smoked pork chops, his sides were garden fresh salad, spätzle, and hot German potato salad, and the huge delicious roll.

We also went walked down main street, where all the old buildings were turned into little shops that sold a verity of things. Like the hospital was now a restaurant, and the butcher shop was a store that sold different type of nick-nacs.

We also drove to the "eternity rock" but due to being pregnant, I was afraid of climbing up the mountain and falling, I mean I have never had the best coronations and since being pregnant I have gotten worse, so we nixed that idea, but we drove around, it was so pretty out in the hill country, we saw some long horns they were so pretty.

We also went to the bat cave where every night about 3 million bats come flying out of the cave, that was so amazing to see all these Mexican free tailed bats flying out man we could smell them and we weren't even that close.
( I don't know if you can see the bats coming out, if you look at the left side of the screen, you might be able to see a flutter of movement, yep that's a lot of bats flying around)


Karen & Matt said...

Yum that food looks good!!! What a fun place to go and visit. Love places like that. Holy cow that is a lot of bats!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Dustun was talking during the recording. and you can see that bats, they show up on the Doppler radar as rain sometimes.