Woke up to this...

The other day he wrote this on the back door, I love u crystal

Dustun does a lot of sweet things for me, and today he did another sweet thing for me. When he came home this morning from work I was starving (duh), He told me he bought some things for me.

He bought cap'n crunch berries (love them), tapioca pudding, kool aid burst, toaster strudel's strawberry and cream cheese, and my favorite doughnut, a glazed croissant and chocolate milk. I was so excited fro all these things, then he said he had a surprise for me, he handed me a sack, and in it was this:

I am so excited, he knows I have been reading the series but dint have the last book, now I need to finish Eclipse so I can start this one, (why did she keep adding like 100 more pages to each new book?!)
He is such a sweet guy! The other day we celebrated our 5 years since our first date, time has really flown by. I love you a lot Dustun


Karen & Matt said...

awww how sweet is he!!! Wow! Good job Dustin! =) Anyways you are going to love Breaking Dawn. So so good! let me know what you think of it.

Britney and Mark said...

Breaking Dawn....whew. You will love it. I keep putting off finishing because I know it's the last. I'm about 500 pages in.