Well yesterday I had the privelage of writing up 25 of my own bullets. For those who don't know a bullet in the military 99% of the time is not referring to ammo. It's a term we use to talk about short little sentences that we use for award packages and our annual ratings called EPRs. It's formated to show action/impact. I learned while in ALS how to write descent bullets. I used to not know how to write one. In fact I just would write a huge paragraph of information and send that to my supervisor. He didn't really like those that much, ha ha. Anyway so I came up with 25 of these things last night ranging from various things I've done in the past year. It was hard considering I didn't write down even half of those on my list that I keep of things I've done. Today (Friday that is as I'm on my night schedule and it's technically Saturday....bah), I stopped by work to turn in LASIK paperwork to try and have my eyes lasered to see better. I saw my supervisor and what do you know? It was when he was working with those bullets. Bad part was....he needed more! That's right! MORE! Ha ha! My head hurt last night from just writing the 25 I gave him. He said he only used about 18 and wrote some of his own. So we (Crystal and I) sat there with him and came up with the rest. What an event. Crystal was phenomenal at coming up with things I've done and words to use. I told my supervisor that she's my backup memory of things I've done.

Anyway in case you're wondering what this was all for, I'll tell you. It was for next year's Zembrod awards. According to AFI 28-2856 for Medical Service Awards, this is what the
Chief Master Sergeant Anton Zembrod Award is for:

Description. This award recognizes and rewards outstanding performance of duty and professional achievements of diagnostic imaging technologists during the award period. It honors Chief Master Sergeant Anton Zembrod who was instrumental in raising and implementing superb professional qualifications for Air Force diagnostic imaging technologists. Active duty and ARC are eligible to compete for these awards.

Qualifying for Award. The nominees must meet the following:
A37.2.1. Hold AFSC 4R0X1, or one of its subspecialties on the last day of the nomination period.

A37.2.2. Be assigned to active duty, ARC, or be a federal civil servant serving in a Department of the Air Force facility in a 4R0X1 position.

A37.2.3. Outstanding Airman. Nominees must be in the rank of Airman Basic (AB) through Senior Airman (SrA), E1 through E4 on the last day of the nomination period.

A37.2.4. Outstanding NCO. Nominees must be in the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSgt) through Technical Sergeant (TSgt), E5 through E6 on the last day of the nomination period.

So there you have it. I don't at all expect to win. I'm just glad I finally got put up for something!

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