Missions Baseball Game and Wii boxing

Yesterday Dustun and I went to the San Antonio minor league baseball game, we had free tickets, so we figured why not. well we stood in the heat for about 30 min, sweaty, I mean like beads of sweat running down your back, so gross, We paid 3 dollars to be upgraded to the real seats in shade, no bleachers in the sun. As we are sitting behind home plate in the second inning, we hear crack, you look up and the ball is coming backwards, it hit the box seat above us, I turn back towards the field and put my head down between my legs and bam, the ball hit me right in the back, rolls over my foot and the little boy next to us grabbed it, boo who, I get the battle wound but no metal. I stung for a bit, but it left no mark, or at least not a lasting one. I laugh at this, here is my first baseball game, sitting behind home plate, behind the netting and I still get hit with the fly ball.

Apparently the mascot for the team was a Henry the Puffy taco and a jalapeno called ballapeno, they would go out on the field and dance it was funny, watching them shake it, I feel bad for the people inside the costume, can you imagine how hot it is in there? no thank you.

We ate hot dogs, water, ice cream, snow cone, water, and kettle corn.

The San Antonio Missions won the game against the Corpus Christy hooks, 3-0

Well After the game we went home, I showered and changed out of my wet clothes, then we grabbed my veggie tray and cantaloupe, our Wii remotes and Mario Kart game and headed over to Kevin and Sandra's house. Kevin is leaving some time this week to Iraq, he is going to the same spot at the same time as dustun last year, (wow dustun left a year ago) so we wanted to get a good game night in. We played all the games, and laughed at each other, and had so much fun, now watching Kevin and Dustun box that was so funny.

All in All it was a great weekend, I know to day is the holiday, but I think I may just let dustun sleep late before he goes to work, and I may stay in my pj's and clean and have a lazy day watching a movie. Hope you all had a great weekend, and enjoy today!

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