Welcome home!

Well as some as you know, I went back to Utah for a mini vacation. I only told Amanda that way she could come pick me up from the airport. so exciting!

Amanda told dad that it was opening Hockey game, could she go, so dad said yes and closed up work "early" so she could go, he said, "far be it for me to get in the way of Amanda's social life"

We pull up to the house, I walk in start walking down the hall towards mom and dads room, and mom walks out, she starts screaming for 30 seconds straight her hands up in the air going back and forth, Amanda and I are just laughing, finally she stops screaming then she starts patting me down like I just stolen something and hid it some where in my outfit. I ask, "so how are you?" "aggg" "What are you doing this week?" "aggg" finally she sits downs down and starts crying, Amanda and I are still looking at each other laughing and smiling mission accomplished!

I hear dad pull up mom says,"you have to surprise him too!" I go and hide in the spare bedroom, I am watching him walk from the kitchen to the living room, carrying a box of peach tarts, and his gun. He looks at Amanda and says, "what are you doing here?" "I was to tired to go to the hockey game" "Well I am glad we closed early for you, well I guess you can have Travis peach tart." (enter me) "I hope you have one for me?!" (dad) ".....................(Mouth dropped to the floor looking at me, mom Amanda, and back around again)..............." "wwwwwwwhat, wwwwwwhyyyy?"

After every one is done being shocked, we sit down and start talking just as if I live in the same state, and we are able to visit every so often. It is nice to know you can go home and feel warm and welcomed and loved and not feel as if your in there space invading it.

I give them some presents that dustun and I made, It is a poem and some magnets to hold the pictures of the there soon to be new grand daughter (this was the reason I wanted to go home I wanted to tell as many people in person that dustun and I are going to be having a girl)

The night was perfect, below is the poem that Dustun wrote, enjoy.

This marble with pink frills
is not meant to scare or give you chills.
If you look beyond, set forever like the stars above.
It'll hold the result of our love.
With these subtle hints, you're now proud grandparents.
To a beautiful little girl.

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