SO I have read and heard a lot of people saying they have cravings for different kinds of food. I really have not had any cravings for anything in particular, just food sounds good. Although almost every night I go to bed and dream about food, I dream about everything, but I have never woke up and said wow I want to eat (fill in the blank with whatever) but for the last 3/4 nights I have been dreaming about my mother in laws GIANT GOOEY YUMMY Cinnamon rolls, and since I put my fall decorations up, I have dreamed about her pumpkin cookies, the dreams so real I can literally smell them cooking, I can feel how soft they are and oh my gosh they taste so good, as long as I don't wake up with a half eaten pillow I think I'll be good. MMMMM

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Karen and Matt said...

That's too funny!!! Wow the description you gave just made my mouth water, Yum! I didn't really have vivid dreams with my girls, or crave certain things either. I have vivid dreams now though, weird huh?!!! =)