Joseph Smith memorial.....

Or not, mom and I had a plan to go to Salt lake, to walk around Temple Square, go to the Joseph Smith memorial, go see the movie, well as we are are driving we see the exit for Wendover, mom looks at me, "do you want to go?" "YES" "really?!" "Ya lets go!"
So we take the exit for Wendover, put the top down on the car, hand in hand we yell "yippy" that moment will be forever known as our Thelma and Louise moment.

We went to mongego bay, I played in Penny heaven all day, I put in 20.00 dollars and played on it for the whole day, I love it. You can always tell the "hard core" players cause they sit and the quarter machines and are play 3 machines and once, no thank you. They also have a high dollar spot, where the machine are minimum of 5, 10 or 20 dollars to play once, I think I will continue to live in penny heaven, I mean I am not going there thinking I am going to will a lot of money, I just go to have fun. Which today was, it was so spontaneous and FUN! Thanks mom, love you.

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