Grandparents, and family!

Abigail and Grandma have a bond with each other all ready, every time grandma would rub my belly or talk about about her I could feel her move, even now as I am thinking about grandma and writing miss Abigail is kicking up a storm, I hope that they will be able to meet each other, If for some reason they do not, they will be watching out for each other.

I am so blessed to have all of my grandparents still here with us, I know that our time together is limited so I cherish all the moments I have with them

I was also able to get together with my other grandparents and my aunt and mom, from Dustun side, I was so thrilled I was able to get together with them, it is so hard trying to find time with everyone's schedule, and I hate feeling as if I am making them hang out with me, cause they "have too" They all looked so good!

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