My Arch Nemesis

They're back, those soft and gooey, sugary, little things, they started out just at Easter time, now they have invaded all of my holidays, I cant resist they are so good, and cheap, so for every holiday I have to buy a box of them but not just one box I have to buy a different box of every shapes and color. I try and not eat them all at once, but once I start I cant stop, they are so good, and fat free. (although not calorie free)

How do you eat them? Do you blow them up in the microwave? Eat them when they are hard? Do you bite the heads off first? Do you dip them? Put them in hot Chocolate? Pop the whole gooey thing all in your mouth at once?
I personally, eat the edges first, then the rest. mmmmm Currently eating my marshmallow ghosts, mmmmm

Here are some peeps facts:
Fact 1: It would take over 172 million peeps bunnies end to end to circle the moon.
Fact 2: In the early 1950's it use to take 27 hours to make one chick, now it only takes 6 minutes
Fact 3: Peeps are the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy sold in the US for the last decade


Karen & Matt said...

Ha Ha you totally crack me up!!! Peeps are good, but I think my Arch Nemesis is Chocolate, and Peanut butter. =) Enjoy your Halloween marshmellow's!!!

missy lou said...

Oh my gosh I sooooo love Peeps too!!!! I must eat a good dozen of them every holiday!
(Todd's) Melissa