Dear Abigail

Dear Abigail,
This is your mommy I wanted to write you a letter today and let you know what is going on around you, with me and your daddy and how your growing so big. Today you are 23 weeks, I can not believe at how fast this pregnancy has been going, before I know it your going to be in our arms.

I have been feeling you move around for some time, but lately you have became more and more stronger, the first time I really felt you move was I was with my mom your grandma (9-9-08), and we were driving and all of a sudden bam, wow, then again, bam, and again bam, It felt so weird but I loved feeling you move, it makes me know that you are here with me and you are a part of me. Everyday since then I have felt you grow and grow, and on Saturday (9-20-08) I was able to see you move, I was eating grapes and I felt you move, out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something move so I stared at my belly and sure enough you moved again and I was able to see you, I was so excited I immediately called your daddy and told him, then I called my mom. I love watching you and feeling you move, every time I do, I say I love you Abigail and give you a little rub. Last night your daddy and I were laying in bed and I felt you move around, I grabbed his hand and put it where I just felt you and you gave him a good swift kick, he looked at me with his eyes as big as the moon and said I felt her, I felt my daughter move, then he started to tear up. He was so happy, he has been wanting to hear you or fell you since about 23 weeks ago, so he finally got to feel you move. I know before we know it you will be kicking my more often and more stronger and he’ll be able to feel you a lot.

Your daddy and I are so excited to meet you, we have been decorating your room, and buying some clothes, your dad is so cute when he is looking for something for you to wear, he keeps saying how excited he is to hold you and love you and dress you and see you. The two of us love you very much. Please continue to get stronger and healthier and more and more beautiful, we will see you soon.
With love always,
Your mommy

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