The Dark Knight

Well dustun and I went to see The Dark Knight today, we went to a I-MAX theater well I thought that the theater was all I-MAX but apparently it only has few and the rest are just the regular screen, so when we got there all the I-MAX tickets were gone, well except the 3:30 am and the 6:15 am one. (umm no thanks) so we debated to we wait to see it in I-MAX or see it today, we decided we could not wait, so we saw it in regular screen. It was really good, my only complaint was with the AV nerds in charge of the sound, it was totally jacked up, and first just the right speakers worked, then they worked but it was so muffled you could barley hear it, then they turned it up and it had an echo, it finally got fixed but through out the movie it would slip into one of the modes, (grrrr).

The Joker was so creepy, he did a really good job, I hear he may get an Oscar I think he should. Batman was totally hot! mmm, he can save me any day :)

I think you should see it, I really enjoyed it and I am not much a Batman/superhero type of person.


kathy said...

Cute picture, nice hair!! Yours is nice too Crystal!!

Karen & Matt said...

I really really want to see this one! Glad you liked it! Cute pic of you and Dustin too by the way!