The First Birth

She cries out in joy
We have a boy
The struggle
The wait
It ended on this date
I see you coming
You appear before me
Your head so soft
Young and flimsy
I see your eyes
What a beautiful surprise
A smile so wide
It's so cheerful and kind
My son
You're a gift from the heavens
Once a soulless body
Now alive and hearty
Welcome to this land
I'm your father
Your dad
-Dustun Carlsen


Kami said...

Wow- that's amazing!

D said...

Oh why did you post this? I know you like it but now I feel embarrassed. Oh well, love you honey!

kathy said...

Just to lighten things up,

I am ready to leave,
your smile is so bright,
you poop in your diaper
much to my delight.

I will now be late
to my scheduled spa day,
I have waited for MY turn
to be pampered and play.

But I am glad you are here
we have waited so long
that all the poop in the world
will never be wrong!!
Love mom and Dad