13 weeks 6 day OB appt.

Today I had an OB appointment, they have started this new thing were it is a group appointment, so in my group there is 10 ladies, we are all about the same weeks. What we do is walk in, weigh our selves, do our blood pressure, then lay on the table for the doctor to listen for the heart rate, I personally don't like laying on the table with my pants pulled down to my pubic hair with NO privacy as the doctor smears goop and your belly, next time I am requesting they get some sort of screen to have some privacy.
Then we sit around a discus different things, which is nice to realize your not alone in fearing your boobs getting deflated after breastfeeding, or knowing that the vivid dreams you have are common, and other things.

We also filled out surveys, here are some random questions:
True or False-You must have intercourse frequently in order to become pregnant. FALSE
True or False- most women who are physically abused have done something to deserve it. umm False
True or False- Since men often leave their partner during pregnancy, it is important to have intercourse whenever he wants it. False
There was 35 questions total some weird like this and some not.

Well our little one has a nice strong heart beat (in the 150's) and is right on track, and mom is right on track with weight, BP, and fundal height. So far this pregnancy is here to stay. I should have a call soon, to schedule my ultrasound to make sure everything is looking correctly and to see if we can all find out if it is a boy or girl!!!
Well tomorrow I am at 14 weeks, moving right along!

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Karen & Matt said...

That is weird that you didn't have any privacy. Cool though that you have a group to compare with! Those were some weird questions too. I'm glad things are right on track and the baby is doing good! Has the morning sickness passed?