Would like something new...

Dustun and I have lived in many places in our short married life. We have lived here in San Antonio Texas for 2 1/2 years, and I have the bug to move,I want to go anywhere, I want to explore something new, see different things, make new experiences.

Dustun told me last week there was on opening to go to Boston I was excited, I was like look at how many places we can go if we lived there, I told him I would have my Boston cream pie packed along with my red socks and we will be good to go. then I thought wait what about mom, she is going to kill us, so I called her up as I am calling here I am on cheaptickets.com I am telling her what news I just herd, I can hear the hesitation (noo nooo not my baby, all the way across the states), I quickly tell her it is only $100.00 more to see her if I lived there and not here. I mean if you have to fly to visit someone does it really matter how many states away you are? It's going to suck no matter what, so might as well make a new experience to write in your book of life. she tells me go ahead I am done with Texas, I laugh and tell her so am I. So now we wait to we go or do we stay? I'll keep you posted if anything promising comes up.

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D said...

Nope on the Boston, perhaps somewhere else?