How ME and YOU became US

Dustun and I are meant for each other there is no doubt in that.

On spring vacation with my cousin we were heading to Oregon to visit our friend, well the whole time i was saying when i get home i am dumping my current boyfriend, and i am going to date, i knew he wasn't my forever guy he was just my right now guy.

On Dustun's Spring vacation he and his friend were heading to Denver for a concert, well the whole time they were together dustun was saying when i get back i am going on more dates.

God definitely heard both of our prayers, so the next day we were both back form vacation we went to work, dustun had worked here for a while i had worked here about 6 months, i always sat in one area of the building and dustun in the opposite side, well this day we both ended up sitting on the same side that was new to both of us, as we sat next to each other, him wearing his new Metallica shirt and me probably wearing a pink shirt. we began to talk about out vacation he just had, even though we were not talking about anything "deep" i felt a connection i have never felt before. As i knew he was almost done with his shift, i was like crap i need to do something here is my chance, so i tore a piece of paper wrote my name and number and call me sometime, and closed it with a smiley face. as he was saying good by i was like here, and handed him the folded note i was hoping he would be down a few rows before he opened it but he opened it in front of me i started blushing then we made eye contact and he started blushing he gave a me cute boyish smile and left.

That day passed and the net day we made plans to go out, he showed me some pics from his vacation, i saw a car in the pictures i was hoping it was his (current boyfriend, no job, no car, and no drivers license)Since i really didn't know him i didnt want him to know where i lived since i lived by myself, so i had him pick me up at work, as i was standing outside of work i can hear music and a loud car, my heart begins to beat , i see the car form the pics i am so excited! he pulls up next to me gets out says hi you ready? i say yes, he walks over opens my door i get in, i feel like this is so right, i look around notice it is very clean so i complement him he beams with joy, (right then i should have known this car his is baby, there will be no separating!)

We did the traditional date, dinner and movie, we both hated the restaurant but we were both to scared to say anything. when we got out of the car that's when i noticed how tall he really was every other time i was sitting or he was or i was excited over the car, so i tell him wow your really tall, as if he didn't know, he was kinda like yep.

After the movie i knew the date was over, i didn't want it to end i loved being with him, so i said lets get a slurpee, so as we drank our slurpees he drove around well soon we were somewhere in north Logan, i had no idea where i was, i told him i loved driving around, (i get that form mom and dad) so we continued to drive soon we were on a "make out" hill over looking the city, it was very beautiful, we both sat there listening to music slurping our slurpees both nervous as all get up. soon the music turned off, that when it become weird like do we kiss or not, soon i was like whats that, he said that was USU i told him i had never been over there so we drove to campus the we walked around. i had so much fun as we walked and talked i just knew he was "the one" we came to the "A" it some poem thing that said of you kissed under a full moon then you would become a true Aggie, so he asked if i wanted to, i was acting like i didn't know what he was talking about, so he asked "may i kiss you?" so there we were 3 days of knowing each other and on our first date kissing, i would have felt like a lip slut but i knew i was kissing my future husband.

When Dustun and I were dating we talked about marriage allot, and on our 6 months of dating he officially asked me to marry him, then on our 8 month we were married. we were married on April 24, 2004, and 6 weeks later he was gone to basic training and school. He was baptized July 24, 2004 and about a year later were sealed the Logan temple for all time and eternity.

Dustun I love you more then I can ever say or explain, I am so happy we are together. I love you.


kathy said...

Way to make me cry..........what is a "lip slut"???????????? mom

Karen & Matt said...

ohhh that is so sweet! I never knew how you 2 met each other. Why didn't I ever ask. When it's totally right it's right though!=)

Kami & Neil said...

I remember that conversation on the way home from Oregon. Glad that you had that revelation so you could meet your prince!