Well we are back form Canyon Lake, we had so much fun, we got there, set up our tent (in daylight (Amanda) it is huge, I love it, then we went down to the water, and floated around, I got out and read while dustun floated. Then we got dried off, went to town got subways, and some munchies for me to snack on in the middle of the night, we came back and played connect four, dustun won, of course he always seems to beat me. then we read and looked at how beautiful a relaxing it WAS. Soon our neighbors who were drinking and loudly admitting they were wasted decided to park their cars and turn up the speakers so they could play some football, it was interesting watching them, then at 10:00 they stopped, like they were suppose to, so dustun and I headed to bed, soon they thought it was ok to turn up their speakers again, and be loud until probably 2:00, ( I was not happy, but what were we going to do? two of us 12 drunk pissed off people no thanks)
our other neighbors was a convey of US Marines, they were roughing it, they slept on the ground, no tent, and I don't think they had any bed pads or sleeping bag or anything. I was secretly hopping they would kick some loud butt for us, no such luck.

Dustun and I had a lot of fun even with our interesting neighbors, I think we will be going back soon!

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Karen & Matt said...

Glad you had fun! It always sucks when you have loud noisy neighbors when you go camping. That would have been awesome to have the marines kick some butt though!