*funny for the day*

As Dustun and I are getting ready to go to Canyon Lake for camping and swimming, I wanted to let you read something for today, I found this earlier and I think every women who has ever put a swimsuit on has has this conversion/thought. Enjoy!

WOMEN: Okay, we’re going swimming today. Which suit should I wear? I mean, the pink one makes my tummy look flat, but then it makes EVERYTHING look flat, so I could wear the red one, which adds a little to the bust, but doesn’t really cover my butt too well, so maybe I should wear the black one, even though that makes me look a little round in the middle, but it’s sort of sporty so maybe it’s okay.

Oops, haven’t shaved lately, I guess we should do a quick underarm shave–ouchies–check the bikini area–ooh, looks pretty bad, I guess I should wear the pink and black suit and toss on a swim skirt. Yeah, that’ll work, because that will cover the bikini line as well as my flabby bum. Oh, crud, I didn’t do any spray on tan this week, so I guess we’re going ghostly. Oh well. That’ll have to do, ’cause that stuff doesn’t work for a couple of hours. Maybe I will take another shower tonight, and do all the necessary shaving and spray some tan on tonight for when we go to the pool tomorrow.

Should I put my hair up, or leave it down? If I leave it down, it’s sure to get wet, which means I’ll have to wash all the chlorine out of it before I go to bed. I could wear it up, and just not put my head under, but it gets so tangly if it gets wet while up in a bun. I’m going to take a shower tonight anyway, though, to shave, so I’ll just put it up so the baby doesn’t pull on it, and just wash it again tonight.

Okay, what cover-up should I put on? I have a skirt that will work, but wait, I’m already wearing a swim skirt, so that will just look lame. Maybe I should put that dress thingie I bought, except that it sort of bled when I washed it, so it looks streaked. Would I look worse wearing a streaked cover-up, or walking to the pool in just what I’ve got? Maybe I should throw on a T-shirt, but then that looks like I’m not wearing anything at all underneath, which is just creepy when you’re pushing a stroller. Let’s go with no cover-up, and just pretend the swim skirt is enough. Who’s idea was it to go swimming anyways?

MEN: There’s my suit.(sniff) Smells okay.

Yup, still fits.

Oh yeah. (winking at reflection) Still got it.


Karen & Matt said...

That is too funny! =)

Kami said...

That is hilarious! It totally goes like that in my house- I know because I went to the pool on Saturday and pretty much, that's how it goes.