Once upon a time...

Once upon a time a girl finds boy, boy likes girl, boy and girl fall in love get married and bam here comes baby, sounds so simple, but this is our story:

Once upon a time there was a girl a stubborn girl who wants everything when she asks for it, who find's boy a boy that like's to be different and not follow what every one else is doing. boy like girl, girl like boy they get married he goes to basic and school, then they move in together in not so much of a castle. There is not bam here comes baby in this fairy tale, It takes 4 long hard years for girl to be pregnant.

As this fairly tale is far form over, i will say that there has been some moments in the story that have not been to perfect, but as of now, i would not change anything. I love my prince that saved me and taught me more then i think he even knows, i am so happy to be living in this fairy tale.

So even if we all grew up on "once upon a time" dreams and "they lived happily ever after" ending as we all know in our own ways things are not always that simple, but you can have your fairy tale come true, it will just be your story and no one else.

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