Visting Teaching

So this month I have a new companion, and two new ladies to go visit, the one lady we went to visit this month, this is her last week here then she moves to St. George, we all had so much to say we were there for an hour and a half, I usually don't like being at someones house for more than a half hour but we all hit it off. So I am sad to see one of my ladies move.

Now our other lady we visit, her husband is non member and she is inactive, I called her July 3th to invited her to the ward party for 4th of July, she seemed kinda put off that I was calling her, but she is new and I know how it feels to not feel welcomed in the ward when you move it. so I was just trying to be nice, well since then I have e-mailed her twice asking when we could come by to meet with her, and I have called her once, she has not returned any e-mails or my call, I am in a tough spot cause I really to want to meet her and make new friends, I really do want her to become more active, but I also know when someone is inactive and they want to stay that way, when people come by or invite them it just bugs them more and pushes them away further, which I don't want to do that, so how do I handle this situation, just keep trying once a month or when an activity comes up, or say well I tried and and that's all I can do and just stop? my plan for this month is send her a card, letting her know who I am, and saying I would like to get together and meet, and not sending anything churchy.

Well since I am on the subject of religion here is a link to this months Visit teaching lesson feel free to read it, it is a really simple lesson. Enjoy!


kathy said...

Don't be a bug, but let her know you are there.........it will either work or it won't

Kami & Neil said...

I think you should just try and be her friend. Don't push the church stuff and just let her know you're there as a friend. Your mom is right, it will either work or it won't, but all you can do is be there if they need you. :)