The birds and the bees, (Dustun and Crystal's way!)

This is some things Dustun and I had to do to get get pregnant, of course I would do it all again if needed

Took four years of trying, about 1400 pre-natel pills, at least 30 times of getting blood drawn, (my poor arm) 2 Hysterosalpingogram, (which made me sick and almost pass out both times) going in to have an ultrasound to see my follicles and eggs went in about 12 different times, I was able to go to Wilford Hall at Lackland to have all this done, I am so happy we got station here, so I didn't have to travel that far to get all that done, plus a table full of IVF drugs, Daily Shots (2/3 per day); about times 26, I hated doing them, Finally I have two cells 6 and 5, Grade B embryos, transferred on 5/3, then I had to do Progesterone-in-Oil IntraMuscular shot, nightly, about times 35 (ouch, dustun was so good, it never really hurt) I took about 20 Pregnancy test they kept saying pregnant I had never got that before I wanted to make sure. After all the praying, crying fasting me and my whole family did we have this:

a little baby Carlsen! Of course I'm crying I am so excited, happy and scared. I and everyone else are praying it stays growing healthy please, oh please. As of today I go into my 14 weeks of being pregnant!

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Karen & Matt said...

I can't even imagine. That is a lot to go through, and it was all worth it right?!! I'm so glad it's working out! =)