ER visit

Well Abigail got her first ER visit on Sunday (October 25,2009) and it was all because of me, :( It all happened cause I am a super planner, I was trying to see what clothes we all had that would match/coordinate for our up coming Christmas photos, well I found a dress that Grandma nanna had bought her last year, and i had a dress that will go perfectly, well i got us all dress and when i went to stand Abigail up so we could look at how pretty we are. When her arms fully extended above her head her elbow popt I didn't think anything of it, she has always been a snappy child even inutero, but when she started to cry, that's when i was a bit concerned, but i was like well it is nap time, I was looking at her and how she was not using her right arm, I took her down stairs to give her some food, still no movement, when she went down for her nap, she played with her doll with her left hand and not her right hand, so i told dustun to get ready we will be spending the day in the ER instead of church.
I got a food/activity bag all packed, I was expecting to spend all day there. when Abby got up form her nap she still was not using her arm, so we all loaded up and went to the ER, I was worried about swine flue, so i packed lots of sanitizer and Clorox wipes, and we sat in the kiddy room where it is empty and enclosed, i flinched every time i saw masked people and coughs, I am praying we out smarted the darn pig bug.
we got called back and had dustun do the x-ray and then we waited in our own room , i did feel safer there, I was able to lay down with Abby and we both got a 30 min nap, before the doctor came in, I explained what had happened, and she said it was probably a nursemaid elbow, she said that after she popped it back in place, we ill wait about 30 minutes to see if she uses her arm again, well she took a hold of Abigails arm and pop and a little cry for abby and about 30 second later her arm raised up and she stared to use it!!! It was so quick, she showed us how to do it again, if it happens again, which she said will be very likely now that the ligament has been stretched out.

She was back to her beautiful, rosy check happy self!

I felt so bad, like i was the worst mother ever, but my friend and mom and many nurses say it always happens, to not feel so guilty did make me feel a bit better but i still felt horrible.
The best part of this day was we were in and out in about 3 hours! That is a Wilford hall record


gramma kathy said...

way to go!! i am glad it turned out ok!

Christine Nelson said...

I'm so glad it wasn't more serious! And, of course you aren't a bad mom!!! I've done way worse things to my kids... maybe I shouldn't be writing this.... Abigail is so cute!!! I miss you guys but am glad you are back in San Antonio, I can come see you when I come visit. Oh, and I finally updated my blog. Make sure you have time to read before you go there, its a couple long ones.