Updates bullet style, due to lack of time:
We are moved back to Texas.
I love the house we are renting.
Dustun is all done with ultrasound school.
We have got a new ward.
I have stared to babysit a 5 month boy as some extra income.
I love my fall decor.
Abigail still only sleeps for 30 min increments.
I have my boxes unpacked, and my pictures hung, (time for official orders out of here)
I miss my family.
My family miss Abigail very much. they just kinda miss the rest of us.
Abigail had pancakes and cheerios for the first time the other day.
Abgail decided to pop two bottom teeth out while we moved in.
She still has "no" hair, but he 3 I count are "very" long.
Dustun can come home for lunches!
I love having a kitchen table.
I love cooking and being in my own space.
I love my little family, very much.
I plan on taking some pictures of the house.
I hope to get some scrap-booking done.
I really want a nap.
Abigail is laying in the love sac flapping her arms like she can fly, and she is talking to who ever is above her.

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