9 months old

Wow can it be that she is already 9 months old, I swear she was just born, I swear we just had her 6 month party, where oh where has my baby and the time gone? Before I know it she will be going to prom, and married and having babies of her own, (notice how I missed all the scream, fights, and other "fun" things that will happen when she gets older)
We went to the doctor, her weight and height are good, still on the small side but well with in the healthy range. And of course they ask if the "big" head is normal, I proudly say yes, she is very smart, and her daddy and uncle both had big heads that they grew into. They have a check list they go through to make sure she is developmentally where or about where she should be: I wrote in italics and bold
  • During this period your baby will probably learn to creep, crawl and otherwise get around the room. He or she may even pull up in the bed or on furniture and begin "cruising" around the room. * she has been moving for a while, but never in a way that you can say she was crawling but on 11-9-09 she made the first official crawling motions! and we had to lower the bed to the lowest setting cause she was pulling up in the crib.
  • Responds to his or her own name.*she has done that for a while, and it is cute cause she even pretends not to hear you, she will have a smile but not look at you and if you move in her sight she moves her head, what a funny girl.
  • Understands a few words such as "no-no" and "bye-bye." *We have been trying to work on those, but I rarely ever have to say no-no to her.
  • Begins developing certain concepts - for example, your child will retrieve a toy after he or she watched you put it under a blanket. *oh yes she is always looking for things we hide, usually the things she is not suppose to have :)
  • May say "dada" or "mama" but not specifically. *I cant say she does say these, she does say what sounds like mama but only if she is upset, hungry or tired.
  • Sits well independently. * has been sitting for a while
  • Bangs two toys together.* yes and yes! I give her measuring spoons to play with in her high chair, she could be drummer!
  • Plays interactive games well such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake.* she loves to play peek-a-boo, she puts anything over her head then pulls it off and smiles, loves it!
  • Perhaps the most striking developmental achievement is the use of fingers and thumb to poke, pry, probe and pick up smaller and smaller objects.* she loves finger foods, she eats well pretty much anything, we eat only in smaller bites.
  • Sleeps through the night except for an occasional night wakening.*always has!
  • The 9-month-old has now learned to be "cool" or even a little afraid of certain strangers - even family members he or she does not see very often. The baby of this age also begins to take a dim view of being examined by their doctor. *she never really experienced the separation/stranger anxiety.
  • Often has one or both bottom front teeth.*Yep she has two bottom teeth, they came in he week we moved in to the house, thank goodness it wasn't while we were driving, she was not a happy camper.
I am so proud of her, I cant believe she is growing up so fast. I love you Abigail.

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