Abby and I are enrolled in a weekly play group called little gym it is so much fun, we sing, and dance and play with many different things. They have a big colorful parachute, lots of balls, and bubbles.
At the start of the class we have bells and we sing a Hello song, then they do walking activity and sing as we walk in a cirlce we do it fast and slow they pretend they're a donkey, or airplane. Poor Abby loves music and she loves to dance but she cant walk and dance at the same time her little head just seems to take control, the whole time she is just laughing so hard.
She is adventures in the class she will crawl to some part of the gym and start to crawl or climb or walk on all the stuff they have set up for the day.
Here is a link if you want to read about the class or watch a video of the things that we do:
I love My baby so much she really is a joy om my life, i love when she wakes up and i walk in her room and she literary jumps up and down screaming she is so excited to see me, i love how her eyes light light up when she is happy, I love how i can ask her to show me or do something for me and she does I love how when she finds a new "thing" she will do it over and over again.
I love my baby she means the world to me.
Tomorrow is little gym , I will try and get some pictures to post of her dong a summer-salt or playing around.

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Little Messy Missy said...

Sounds great! When my kids were young they didn't offer anything like that except preschool!