my baby

My little baby girl is 15 months old, where o where has the time gone? It has been going so fast I just want to stop time to hold her and breath in her sweet scent.
I wanted to write an update on how and what she is doing so far:
she will use ASL fro milk, baby and more.
She put her first ASL sentence together she asked for more milk.
Will follow direction when i ask her to sit on her bum.
Knows how to give hugs, kisses and loves (bumps foreheads with you)
In the bath tub I'll ask her to find her duckies in all her toys once she finds it she will quack.
loves to read books will turn pages and point and talk she loves reading to anyone near or to her self, also can find the duck in her I spy book.
will say mamma, dadda, doggie, bandit and will say thank you, here you go and I love you. only the first words are clear the rest you just have to know and be watching her to understand.
She got put in time out, and when daddy came in she told him all about it, she jabbered so passently and pointed from the toys (where she was being naughty) to the corner (where she had a time out) to the person who put her there. so cute.
she will do imaginary tea party with me, pretend to eat and drink and ask for more, she even makes a refreshing noise after "drinking"
Loves making Samuel laugh, she will be so silly until he is rolling on the floor, then she stops and just smiles the countiues to be a goof.
knows where nose and belly button are on her and others.
Loves music, will "dance every time there is a good beat on.

She is doing so much but she is still very happy crawling, she will push many objects around to walk or hold onto you or other objects but she is to nervous to walk by herself, I'm not worried i know in her time she will be doing laps so for now i will sit back and enjoy everything she has to offer me.

I love you my little Abby bug
Your mommy

blowing kisses
hugging her dolly
eating strawberries and watermelon on the front porchshe climbs from the bean bag to couch and back around.


Little Messy Missy said...

Very cute pics!

mom said...

write it all down, it will all be a memory son! and take time to enjoy things with her.

Sandra said...

I miss you two!