Fun Activites

Dustun is TDY he went to Mississippi for a couple of months, he will be back soon, so before he left we had a few family days together, I know he enjoyed them, he is always saying he is happy to be a dad, and I have to admit he is good at being a dad, I know I can leave and know everything will be good. We went to a children's museum in NewBraunfels , so cool, and the best part of that day was there was like 3 other family's so we had free range of the place.

We have also went to a hockey game, Candice found out about military appreciation night got a babysitter fro the 2 older kids, so us adults and Ben went to a game, so much fun!
We also got to use a hotel accommodations so we went swimming for the first time this season, so much fun, I got Ben asleep and I got to enjoy the hot tub! Abby loved the water!
We all went downtown to the children's museum, it is so much fun seeing the two kids play together.

We also went to the fair part of the rodeo, so much fun I swear I could ride rides all day long! I think of it as a positive that dustun doenst like the rides and candice loves them, so i dont feel bad riding with out him.
I have had so much fun this year, I cant wait to see what else we get to do!

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