Today is my first day at doing some homeschooling, I am nervous of how it will go, I fear a melt down from me or Abby, I fear I won't do a good job, or that I will fail her. But due to friends encouragement I know I can do anything I set my mind too, plus I taught her to roll over, crawl, sit-up, walk, run, play, eat, drink, talk, so might as well have all those things I taught her go towards more activity's we all do everyday.

Today's lesson is the letter B and the color Blue
I gathered many things that are blue, or that started with the letter B.
we colored the letter B with a Blue crayon, We made blue macaroni, traced, and said words that started with B.

She played with the Alphabet stamps, she stacked them and we said our A B C's.

She loved the Macaroni the Best, She moved it back and forth from one bowl to the next. It is so interesting to see her intensity with doing a task. She has such a mind set to task and is so stubborn with doing the task.

To wrap it up we did a Baby Einstein Video, went outside to look at the Baby Birds outside.

All in All today being my first day I am very happy with how everything went.


kathy said...

Awesome!! the 2 of you are a great pair!!

kathy said...

the 2 of you are a GREAT pair! good luck and you will do fine.

Amanda said...

yeah for blue!!