todays lesson

I really don't know weather to classify this as homeschooling or just teaching the kids important building blocks. but either way, this morning i was feeling pretty motivated and organized, so i pulled out my learning box i have for Abby and we got started.
the things Abby and I did were:
practiced drawing straight lines to matching animals, she successfully matched all 8 animals together.
learning to color with in the lines, even if its still a jumbled mess you can tell she is trying to stay within the lines of the picture.
We sang our ABC song a couple of times, and of course the F fro fish was Abby so she carried the card around for a while say awww baby fish.
We practices writing and seeing "ABBY"
we practiced her fine motor skills by having her remove the back of the stickers.
we are learning to count correctly to three, because now she has gotten in the habit of saying ONE, TWO, FIVE. so we counted the 3 flower stickers the 3 bug stickers then we counted 3 buttons she could put in her brown parer bag we decorated.
we learned different shapes of the buttons, and cause and affect of putting things in a bag and then dumping them out, we also learned about the noises they make when you shake the bag. we are also learning to say BUTTON and not just BUTT
we also read from a princess comprehension book, so after i read the book i asked her a few questions and i helped her answer correctly. 
now it is quiet reading time, so she is next to me reading and talking to her doll, while I'm blogging, Ben is napping, oh how i love a child that sleeps!

Ben updates, so while i was helping Abby grow and learn to be a bright helpful sweet woman, Ben was also learning how to crawl, climb over my legs, hold onto the learning box to stand, to move his legs in a walking fashion, how things roll, like my cup that had juice in it :) he learned about different textures from pipe cleaners and felt. sounds of buttons inside a jar, where his sisters bubble was :) and looked at the bag of crayons and all the sizes and colors.

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