After we stopped in AZ and got our house we were able to drive to Utah a visit for a little bit here are some pictures of what we did.

Hill Air Force air museum

play at the slash pad on base.

Go to a Bartschi family reunion

blow bubbles

freeze our butts off at bear lake but abby had a blast!!

my sissy!!

enjoy canyon drives
go camping!

and four wheeling

find rocks, or deer beds with grandpa

have lunches with cousins! and Neil :)

explore dinosaurs

visit cousins

talk to friends on the phone

play dress out

ride the front runner, to the gatway

played in teh salt lake splash pad

went to children's museums

had back yard fire pit

ate a creamy

hung out with family and played around

enjoyed a jamba juice

tickling him, no she isnt hurting him, im not a bad mom and wont let her hurt him, so yea

made backyard snow cones

played in the dirt while wearing a dress

used her intimation and made ramps for cars

played with the dogs

loves cars

and barbie shoes

digging in dirt with grandpa

played in the swimming pool

all washed cleaned and ready for bed

I have more pictures but Im done for now so enjoy!

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