ok now to finish with the fun!
We saw Great Grandma and grandpa Bartschi

I think they like each other.

reading to grandma

we also got to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Price

handsome boy!

showing off, how to twirl

we went and watch doughnuts being made

then got to pick one out

now time to enjoy them! nice hot and fresh

WE got to help /aunt mino cook

So cute

sitting on the porch drinking her jamba juice

she spilled so she was cleaning it up.
Amanda and I did a relay fro life, it was a 15 hour walk.

We got to do it with our cousin

The braves cancer survivor i know, she had chemo, radiation, and a lumpectomy and she worked everyday, serving food to people in the hospital, she is an inspiration.

my awesome family

tough sisters

lighting the candles fro the night part of the walk

I had a blast and did so much more but dont have pictures of it, I'm happy Im able to come visit. I wish i had time with more people, but over all it was good.

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