1 week old

Today my Abby bug is 1 week old, it is so amazing to think about what was going on a week ago, compared today. Here are some things this week has brought.
-She loves sucking her fists, and she found her thumb and was sucking on it.
-She had her first bath, she screamed the whole time but as soon as we bundled her up in a nice warm towel, and I was holding her close to me, she calmed right down.
-She got to meet her Grandpa Price.
-We made a first mall trip, she did very well, she slept the whole time, until she got hungry then she got her num nums.
-She had her first restaurant trip, with Dustun, me, gramma Kathy, and grandpa.
-Dustun babysat her for the first time while mom and I went out for a bit.
-Dustun and I went to the store by our self's, and she was home with gramma and grandpa.
-she had her first doctors appointment to make sure she didn't have jaundice.

She is such a joy to have in our life's, we are so lucky.
We love you miss Abby.
Happy 1 week birthsary!


missy lou said...

Post some more picture please....we are excited for you guys!

Karen and Matt said...

Congratulations to you guys! Sorry i'm a little late posting on that. I'm so glad she is finally here! Glad all is going so great for you! =)

Karen and Matt said...

oh and sorry i forgot to say she is ADORABLE!!!! =)

aunt manda said...

and in a month she will meet aunt manda!! Yea I so can't wait, this trip will almost be as exciting as my going to alaska trip!!!