In need of....

So here is my pathetic plea for help in borrowing some things.
On March 13ish, my sister, my dog, my baby, and I will be making the 22 hour drive back to Utah, while dustun is gone to school I will be moving back to Utah, I will be here until the middle of June, he gets done with the first part of school the middle of May, but i was already planning on coming home the begging of June to see Travis graduate high school (wow that is weird to think about) and to watch the houses and business and animals while my family go on their cruise to Alaska, (can we say jealous?!)
Anyways back to my plea, I have no room in my car for Abigail big items, (swing, bouncer, jumper, ext. so I was thinking about how to have the things she likes/needs, and be cost effective to me, and I figure well basically everyone I know has kids, so I figure maybe I can borrow somethings for the few months I am there, then I don't have to try and pack, sell, ship or buy anything.
So if you or anyone you know, has some baby things, they are not using and wouldn't mind borrowing me let me know!
Thank you all so much!
And see youin a few weeks, yippy!


Julie said...

We've got a bunch of stuff you can borrow. Kathrynn's grown out of them, but we didn't want to get rid of anything because we plan on using them again some day. :)
Swing by my house when you get in Utah and we can figure out what you need. :)

amanda said...

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait. love ya

JAYBEE said...

Swing, bouncer, jumper, I may have an excercise video you can borrow. Ha, Ha, Love ya

Kami said...

Yay, I'm excited to see the little one and you too of course. I don't really have anything you need to borrow (no duh), but we own quite a few movies if you get bored, ha ha. Love ya!

Karen and Matt said...

I have some things you can borrow too! If you need, just ask. =)