2 weeks

Wow, it is amazing that our little bug is 2 weeks old, that time has flown by. She has changed so much, she is getting more alert everyday, when I nurse her she will grab my bra and hold onto it, she has also grabbed my hair and a necklace. She also has her eyes open more, she loves looking around at the things around her.

On February 8th, 2009 Abigail was given a name and blessing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was really simple and nice, my dad had flown in for a few days, and since Dustun and I didn't know when we would be back home together, we figured we would bless her now, before he goes to school, and since dad was here, it was perfect. I wish we could have been home to have the entire family be there, but I think everyone understands.

This week Abigail also went on her first "blind" date, we went out to a restaurant with our friend who has a little boy, of course she slept threw her date.

She had her two week appointment, she is looking good, she has grown a whole inch, but her weight is not back to the birth weight, so the doctor wants to see us next week, I am going to continue to nurse, but I am also going to give her 1 2oz formula bottle to help her "bulk" up, then if her weight looks good next week then I will see if I want to keep the formula bottle on her menu. So speaking of nursing, man oh man that is hard work.

We had a party thrown in our honor, my friend thrown me a surprise baby shower party, it was so wonderful, there was lots of people from church, and some yummy snacks and desserts.

I have really enjoyed having her in our life's and I am so happy she is here, happy two weeks my baby girl.

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