Our Anniversary!

Today is dustun and I's 5 year anniversary, I cant believe it has been that long, it has been so fast, with so much going on. Currently I am living in Utah, and He is in Training in Sheppard AFB. I feel so lonely with out him on this special day, but i know what he is doing for us, will provide many new special days.
I figured I would write down five (I could come with more but to keep with the them of five that what I'll do) things that are special about him or the reason why I love him

* He is so sweet with me, he always gets, or does things I ask him too.
* He is a hard worker, who provides for his family.
* He is determined if he sets his mind on something he doesn't give up until he achieves it.
* He loves me unconditionally.
* He listens to me, when I need to vent, then he try's to make me laugh.

Happy Anniversary Baby, I love you so much. We will be together soon. I love you
Love always,
your wife

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Britney and Mark said...

oh :( I'm sorry that you're away from eachother on your anniversary. that's no fun :(