Good byes

I was happy to have Candice and Samuel come to Utah. It was nice to have her see where I came from and the beauty of fall in the mountains. The trip went as i had expected not hoped for but as a expected.
Candice is my best freind, she has always been there for me and I know she will always be there for me, I can trust her with Abby I know Abby will be taken care of in the way I want her to be I know she will eat healthy well rounded food, and she will get her meds at the proper times and amounts, I know Abby will go to her if she is hurt or upset.
I have watched her son grow for the past year and the kids have grown just as close. when Samuel is upset Abby will go over and try to comfort him she will hold his hands and dance.
We all do everything together, sometimes just me and the kids, sometimes, the moms and kids and sometimes dustun and us.
Dustun is a good man, he is a great father and a wonderful husband, he is always helping around the house, and when he knows i am stressed he offers to watch the kids so i can go out a relax.
I know people question why Candice and I are always together, they say I am different around her, (i still dont know how, neither does dustun) but we are Friends best friends, we are like sisters, we help each other out, we know each other in and out I know when she puts up her shield and she knows when i put up mine. WE click (we as in all of us) I wish my family could she the real Candice and how much she does like help my grandma in and out of the car, or help frost baby shower cupcakes, or cut up fruit or always offering her help.,or taking care of Abby if she is crying and I'm busy.
She is in the Army she does have "tough abrasive personality" i know she is loud, but i also know she is wonderful mother to her son and wonderful Friend to me and will do anything for my entire family. Thank you Candice for coming to Utah to help celebrate this little miracle growing in me. WE love you.

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