Peach days

Sorry its been so long but I have been busy! Dustun, Candice, Abigail, Samule and I all flew to utah on Septempeter 8th. The flight was good, the kids did great. We came home to have a baby shower, do peach days and visit family.

Of course for me peach days is all about food and peach treats. I ate and ate so much and I still wish I could have had more! I have peach cobbler from 3 different places, peach fritters, a peach and strawberry tart and maddoxs fresh peach pie and the seafood salad, gyros, burgers, popcorn roasted nuts, ate at my favorite utah only reasurats and picked off what others had ordered (geeze no wonder I gained so much weight)

Dustun went hunting with his mom and dad and mom watched samuel and Abby while they took there naps, candice and I went to the car show, it is so amazing to see all the cars and what people do them.

This year Abby was born so she actually got to see the parade, the year before i was pregnant with her. maybe in next year ill have both at the parade. The candy part was dumb, she got one taffy and one tootie roll, I didnt get to sit a relax and watch the parade, cause when you have two kids that want to dance and run with all thats going on your always up and going. We all had fun though!

I think the funnest part for me was this guy that pulls these old barrels behind the tractor, this old man was crazy I was laughing the whole time, when we got done dad asked so who had more funthe mommys or kids??! I say the mommys!

All and all I got a good time at peach days and I was happy to share it with everyone!

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