Well if you look at my baby ticker it says:
okay okay I'll admit it, I really liked it in my mommy, I am finally ready to go!
I should be here by now!

Well this little girl as inherited the stubbornness of both dustun and I because not only is she not here, she is not even acting like she will be here soon.

I will not even be induced until the sometime in February.

I am scheduled for a non stress on the 29th of January, then we will talk about getting induced, for a later date, and since they don't do inductions on the weekend that already puts me into February.

I had a 40 week appointment yesterday, I am still at a 1 and 75%, she "swept" me again, but I still feel no different.

I have tried lots of different things to get things going naturally but thus far all of them a wast of time, energy and hope. My father in law said that his wife ate fish and chips then she had both dustun and his sister. So since Dustun is off today we all are going downtown to Mad dogs to have the best fish and chips! SO excited for that! mmmmm

well pray for us that we will have a quick, easy, and problem free, labor and delevery.


Julie said...

Poor Crystal! Don't worry, she'll be here before you know it! I had a friend who bribed her doctor with cookies to get induced and they sent her in that day - maybe you should try that. :) hehe

Anonymous said...

"Looks like it is taking a little longer to complete the eyebrows.!"
Aunt JB