Crazy, Busy, Excited, Crazy

Well the Carlsen household here in Texas is about to experience some changes. Everything is hitting and about to hit at the same time, I am just hopping that it all hits smoothly.
Here is a shortened version of what going on:
* Real estate agent coming to look at the house and to to put it up on the market today.
* Cleaning like a mad woman, gotta make the house presentable for open house, and pictures.
* De junking things, trying to sell what I can and donate the rest.
* Trying to get all my paperwork and legal crap together.
* Having a baby.
* Mom coming into town.
* dustun leaves me and newborn for two months for first part of ultrasound school.
* have no idea where we will be living in a few months.
* looking at apartments.
* trying to get on the base housing waiting list.
* praying so hard that he house will sell in 2 months or less, so I can go home while dustun is in school.
* last day of work was yesterday
* Trying not to stress, or over work myself, I want Abby here but cause she is ready and not cause I forced her out!

I will keep you posted on whats new, but as for now that our life!

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