My house

Well our house is up on the market, I am so scared of it not selling, but I know it eventually will, but the waiting and hopping and not knowing is a bit scary. We have out first open house scheduled for February 8th (happy birthday dustun) my mom will be here so she can help me fluff, and not stress, after all Abigail will only be a few weeks (hopefully not days!) old.

My somewhat plans are if the house sells around March 16th, then I will go back to Utah while Dustun is in phase one of school, that will save a bunch of money on renting an apartment, then after we either will move on base if there is an open house, or in an apartment here in Texas, or we might be moving to a new place in a new state altogether, (To be determined at a later time by the military)

Our life is so uncertain and we have so many big things happing, next year in 2010 when I look back in 2009 I know I will be like wow how did we do all that?

Here is a link of our virtual tour of our house, (if the link doesn't work let me know) Also any tips/ ideas on how to sell the house?!


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Julie said...

Crystal! What did I tell you?! Don't move!! :) hehe Good luck! Your house is darling, I'm sure it will sell quickly. Let me know when you're back up here and enjoy your last weeks of being pregnant. :)