My sewing projects

I have been wanting to make my own sling, and a breast feeding cover, so I found some patterns on-line went to the store and bought some fabric, then I started to sew! I love them, they are so cute! My nursing cover is brown with pink poka dots, and my sling is pink with brown paisley print, I have left over fabric so I think I am going to make a laundry bag.
Today dustun and I are going to the stores ( yes stores we are going to, babies R-US, Target, lowes, Michael, HEB, comic book store, Bath and body works, and any store that carry's maternity clothes) And it is 11:00 we are not ready and the missionary are coming over at 6:00 so I think i need to get ready.

Here is Bandit in the sling I figured if it could hold a 13 pound dog, then it would be safe for Abigail! My poor dog has been the test dummy for many baby things, oh well he still loves me and dustun still makes fun of me.

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missy lou said...

Very cute! Good for you...breastfeeding I mean... I did with both my children!!! I love the pic too!