Dewberry Farms

This past weekend, Auntie Autumn, Candice, Dustun, Samuel, Abigail, Bandit, and I all loaded up and went to Houston. We stopped off at the ranch to drop off a trailer and to say hi to Doll and Big Tommy, (Samuel great grandparents)
It was a good weekend, Saturday, Brett, Jessica and lailyn (Candice brother, sister in law and niece) were at the house we just all sat around, talked, laughed, ate pizza, it was a good relaxing day. After the kids were down, Candice Dustun and I drove around she was showing him around her neighborhood, I was happy that dustun finally had time off to go with us, so now he knows where if been.
The next day Autum and I went and got a manicure, and pedicure. It was the best one I have ever had, I had two ladies working on me at the same time, I had the paraffin wax, a hot stone and a neck massage, while my hands and feet were being worked one. It was so nice to get out with Autumn and just have girl time, I am going to miss her, I think of her as my sister also. Afterwards we went home and picked up, Miss Arlene, Dustun and the kids then we went to Dewberry Farms. It was so much fun they had so much to do for every age group. Everyone had a good time, I was hot and my back kept hurting, but I was happy to be doing something with the family.


The kids loved feeding, petting and looking at all the animals they had. I am so proud of my brave girl for not being afraid to feed the goats, or pet the bunny.

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