Last day in Utah

We went and said our goodbyes to Grandma and Grandpa Bartschi, We were able to eat dessert with them, and Grandma was able to give Abigail ride back to the room. Abby tried giving grandma a ride for a minute it was scary but made us all laugh.
I am so happy to have such wonderful and loving grandparents, I hope they are here to see Benjamin.
After our visit we went to Idaho to get lotto tickets and to kill time so Abby could nap, I spend 5 dollars and bought scratch offs, and won 22 dollars so happy to have money for the airport.
We stopped at the Utah sighs and got picture, that felt familiar since Abby did this for every new stare sigh from here to Utah!
For dinner we went to Doug and Nancy house, we had the local hoggie shop sandwiches, "Logans heros" so yummy and fresh!
Nancy also made her Cinnamon rolls for us, I haven't had one in years, so good thanks mom for sending us home with some extra!
After dinner Grandpa and Abby went out to play in the yard, they played Frisbee, It makes me smile the way they interacted I am very grateful for this time we have with Doug knowing his past I am amazed at how strong he is, he is my inspiration to keep going when things get tough, love you dad.

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