Final Day in Utah

We stopped at he meat Packing plant to say our goodbyes to the busy bees, dad and Amanda, the fall in upon us when they live there, well at least 15 of 24 hours they do.
Amanda showing Abby buddy the llama
Abby showing Grandpa the llama.
Grandparents and granddaughter.
Our little group a few missing but they are there in our thoughts.
The flight was good, abby did very well on both planes, we gave her the head phone while she watch back to the future with daddy, my little girl is growing up so fast.
The trip over was good, I wish it could have gone better, but Im happy to have went home to visit and celebrate with little boy growing in me.
I hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing the pic from our trip!

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Kimberli said...

Hi! Its been way too long since I checked in on your family, but I just wanted to say "CONGRATS!!!" and good luck with baby #2! I am so happy for you! That wonderful news brought a smile to my face.