R and R

While in Utah mom got a condo and dustun and I were able to have a nice relaxing getaway from everyone, it was a little past park city in the mountains.

It was so beautiful, fall and the all the colors make me so happy, I could drive, walk and look at the mountains for a long time. I love seeing how the leafs turn the colors right before your eyes.

It was so nice that Dustun and i decided to go for a walk on the trails, i could use the fresh air in my lungs, i swear this whole trip all I did was sit and eat, so to actually do something healthy mad me happy.
I was able to sit and read a book, I ate a rocky mountain chocolate truffle and enjoyed listening to the birds, this was as close to perfect as I could get.
Thanks mom for giving us a night away, and watching after abigail.

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Visit Park City said...

The Fall colors are truly amazing! We are glad you had so much fun while relaxing. The pictures are great, please share them with others when you become a fan of Park City on Facebook. www.facebook.com/parkcityUT