Train ride

The next day, mom, dad, and Abby also came up to enjoy the mountains, we went to eat at dads favorite mexican restaurant he and abby loved the coloring part.
After lunch we had some issues, Dustun locked the keys in the car, and we had a time to be due to go for a train ride, so I called up usaa, and got a locksmith come out to open the door. we left dustun to ge the car unlocked and the rest of us loaded up and went to the train I figured loosing 20 dollars wold be better then loosing 20 dollars for each of us.
Dustun I and the locksmith were awesome and got he car unlocked and he made the train, about 5 minutes before it departed, I was happy we were all together!
Abigail loved the train ride she kept looking out the window and pointing and telling us everything she saw, it was so cute!
I am so happy to have Abigail as my daughter she is the most important thing in my life, I dont know what or where i would be with out her. I love doing activities with her, we are creating so many memories together. Abigail I love you.
Abigail and Grandpa.
Our little family of 3 soon to be more!

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