18 months

My baby is 18 months old, which means more doctors visits, blah
Her stats:
Weight 24 pounds 6 oz (53%)
Height 31 inches (30 %)
head 48.5 cm (93%)
blood pressure 100/63

She she is growing good the doctors and I are very happy!

She had to get two shots she got her 4th dose of DTaP and her 2nd dose of Hep A, she let out a yelp when she got poked but she didn't cry she is my brave girl, so proud of her!

Between now and 24 months she should be able to do these tasks:
follow simple commands, with and with out gesture. get an object from another room when asked point to body parts when asked points ant things to get your attention brings things to show you points to object so you can name them name common objects and pictures when asked too enjoy playing pretend learn one new word as she approaches her 2nd birthday

She passed all her mortar skills, mental, behavioral, social, she did with flying colors. She only needed to score 20's or 30's she was in the 50's and 40's. hence the big head! lol

At the doctor today they had to do a blood draw cause her iron is low from the past test that have been done, so now she is on a iron trail for 3 months which means another medicine everyday for 3 months then she will get re-checked.
She didn't cry she hardly moved when she got stuck with the needle, she got a cool Garfield band-aid and some princess and nemo stickers.
As a treat she got some raisins, goldfish and cherrios, she was to busy eating to look at the camera.

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