Weekend fun

This past weekend started out on Friday when Candice asked Abby and I to go to her work picnic, it was a lot of fun they had snow cones, hot dogs, a bouncy house and they were showing off how to train attack dogs.

Then we loaded them up and went to San Marcos, to visit with Autumn and help her get settled into her new apartment, then after wards we went shopping, Abby and Samuel both needed new clothes so we went to the carters store, and I also needed new clothes so I went to the maternity store, I got 3 new shirts, and a new swim top. Candice also bought some shirts since the one she did wear was getting hot.

We went to our friends house and made some homemade laundry soap, which is super easy and cheap to make, no more buying from the store! Then after wards we headed up to Houston to go visit the new niece and nephew and grandparents. The drive there was not so fun we had to stop a few times due to crying babies, and a mommy. That night we ate Chinese food, then we went to a park to play, they love play grounds, Abby kept running around after Samuel, or climbing up and down the slides or stairs.

Later that nigh we put the kids in the same room to sleep, they sleep like rocks they were both out, fast. I had not a fun night I lost my dinner :(

Today we were able to meet Candice new niece and nephew, so tiny and cute! We had a family lunch at Olive Garden it was good, we had good food, good family and lots of laughs.
Honey and us went to the children's museum it was so much fun and so much bigger then the SA one, they kids had so much fun, Abby keep running around form thing to thing, and clapping and jumping up and down I think she had a smile on her face the whole time. She played a vet, and colored, and played in water, saw baby chicks, ate some ice cream, touched everything she could, and had no fear! I think her favorite was this big floor mat with colored lights that lite up when you step on them.

Our drive home was much better, we had planned on going swimming in the morning but since we were loaded up and the kids were good we just drove back to SA. we stopped at a rest stop to let the kids play and of course let the pregnant one pee again! They looked at the trees, and listened for a bird chipping and ran after each other, and too cool off a quick run in the sprinklers.

All and all a great weekend, thanks for letting me go Dustun maybe on a weekend when your not working we can go also!

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