Family Lunch

(we suck at getting a 3 person picture!)
After Abigail's appointment we went downtown to walk around, and to have some lunch. Is was nice a quiet, I could see dustun anxiety level rising due to Abby wanting to see the ducks, in the water. It was really nice down there, everyone was still home and it wasn't hot, very humid but not hot, we went to the Alamo that way Abby could walk around with out being near water or roads, it was nice and peaceful, I loved looking at them walking around together, he really loves her.

We also went in to the mall, for some A/C, soon we went and had lunch, and of course we had to make stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! (heaven) I got a snowball truffle, and also a monster apple it literally has everything on it.
We came home and Dustun had to go to work, I laid Abby down and Samuel was up so he and I were buddies.
For dinner I made my aunt swiss chicken, which was good, Abby ate everything including her green beans.

After we got done eating every one else came over or woke up, I had john come over for dinner, and Ashley came over to do more sewing. My front door never shuts I always have people over, and I love it, I wouldn't change it for anything.

I love my family and friends.

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